My passion


Self expression through weaving came about after wrestling with cold hard materials during my education as a goldsmith. Because my heart chose the warmth, softness and comfort of yarns, I retrained quickly in weaving techniques.

Using basic weaving techniques I create a variety of shapes, textures and structures. It is an ever growing process, an investigation, a translation, as if looking through a symbolic lens at the everyday and the things that touch me emotionally. With a fascination for rhythm and repetitions.

Working with a variety of materials and colours and with a love for simplicity, shape and activity, I develop both unique wearables and spatial creations often with a combination between form and function.

With my wearables I try to bring a sensual experience by an interaction between person and material and to achieve an almost tangibility to the space in between.

My objects are an interplay between the woven structure and the unforeseen additions and/or manipulation of the material which then shows an emotional content and causes a reaction. Often fueled by a social impact with its authority and fragility.


Exhibition - Upcoming and last 3 years


"The Limits and Outerlimits of Line" Casa Regis

       21 April - 26 May, Center for Culture and Contemporary Art, Mosso Biella (IT)

"Discourse", Art across generations and continents

       4 May - 12 May, Gallery BrownGrotta Arts, Wilton, Connecticut (US)

"VERBA GREANT" Biblioteca Comunale Padre Ernesto Balducci,

       15 June - 13 July, Barberino di Mugello (Firenze) (IT)

"Tolerance Limit", 8th International Triennial of Textile Arts

       21 June - 31 Aug, Szombathely Gallery,  Museum Savaria, Szombathely (HU)



"Appunti su Questo Tempo" La instanze della contemporaeità

       indagate attraverso il ricamo come linguaggio dell'arte.

       21 Jan - 20 May, CasermArcheologica, Sansepolcro (IT)

"Acclaim!" Work by Award-Winning International Artists

       29 April - 7 May, Gallery BrownGrotta Arts, Wilton, Connecticut (US)

"Zin in Zomer" Gallery Smashing Colors/Simone Theelen,

       29 April - 17 june, Goirle (NL)

"THE SUN" International Textile Art Biennial BIEN 2023

       31 May - 10 Aug, Globus, Kranj, Museum Castle Garden, Škofja Loka (SI)

"Mini Textile Art", 11th International Exhibition, Ivano-Frankivs'k (UA)

       01 -15 june / 

"No fixed abode" 10th Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf

       18 June - 3 Oct, Moulin de la Chevrotière, Portneuf, Québec (CA)

"LUCO" Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea,

        05 - 30 Aug, Galleria Italia, L'Aquila (IT)

Bulgarian Triennial of Mini Textile

       20 Nov. - 11 Dec. Gallery Union Bulgarian Artists UBA, Sofia (BG)


 “Textile Art of Today 2021-2022” the 6th International Triennial,

 23 nov 21 - 31 jan, Pesti Vigado Gallery Budapest (HU)

“Textile Art of Today 2021-2022” the 6th International Triennial,

15 febr - 15 april, Tatra Gallery, Poprad (SK)  

"Scythia", the 14th International Textile and Fibre Art Biennial, Ivano-Frankivs’k, (UA)

     An online exhibition, because of unjustified and cruel Russian invasion in Ukraine

     01 - 15 jun /

“Ajour” sectie Beeldende Kunst van de CKR K38, Roden (NL)

    11 jun - 03 jul /

"Vincent" Artist in recidence, creating an artwork inspired by Van Gogh

    26 jun - 3 jul. , Nuenen (NL)

 “Textile Art of Today 2021-2022” the 6th International Triennial,

     21 jul - 16 okt, Slovácké muzeum, Uherské Hradiště (CZ)

"Appunti su questo tempo" XX Internazionale Mostra del Ricamo  Contemporanea, Valtopina (IT)

     02 - 28 sept. /

"Bijzonder Klimaat"

     03 sept - 1 dec, Galerie Kracht van Kunst, Ruinen (NL)

“Textile Art of Today 2021-2022” the 6th International Triennial,

     24 okt - 04 nov, Museum Historyczne, Bielsko Biala (PL)

 "International Textile Biennial 2022",

     22 - 30 okt, Haacht (BEL)

 "25 Years WTA" 10th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art,

    03 nov - 15 dec, Miami International Fine Arts-MIFA, Miami (USA)

"Out of the Blue" Gallery Smashing Colors/Simone Theelen,

     05 nov - 18 dec, Goirle (NL)

 "5th Triennale of Kogei", 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,

    13 - 30 nov, Kanazawa (JPN)


"Solo-expositie", de Compagnie WiebengaSilo, Noordkade, Veghel (NL)

      19 nov 2020 - 10 jan (due to COVID-19 extended until 21 febr.) 


"Excellence in Fiber VI" New Bedford Museum of Art, New Bedford, Massachusetts (US)

      1 dec 2020 - 14 March (postponed due to COVID-19 - now virtual, use link above)

"Human Nature", Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, (US)

      1 - 30 april  /

"Mini Textile Art", the 10th International Exhibition, Ivano-Frankivs'k (UA)

      1 -15 june /

"Per Filo e Per Segno", FiberArt at the Fabbrica della Ruota, Biella (IT)

      6 june - 10 october /

"Natuur [+] Structuur" Galerie De Kunstpraktijk, Veldhoven (NL)

      18 june - 25 july /

"De Mens als Maker", Sint-Maartenskerk, Zaltbommel (NL)

      31 juli - 29 aug /

"Art al Vent XVIII"   Gata de Gorgos, Alicante (ES)

      14 aug. - 31 sept. /

"Textile Art of Today", the 6th International Trienale of Textile Art 2021-2022,

      start 04 sept  - 14 nov. at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava. (SK)

      and has five re-installations in the four Visegrad countries

      (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary)

 “Textile Art of Today 2021-2022” the 6th International Triennial,

       23 nov 21 - 31 jan, Pesti Vigado Gallery Budapest (HU)

 "In Touch" International Exhibition, CICA Museum, Seoul (KR)

      24 nov – 12 dec /


"Social Art Award 2019”, publication book – Can Art Catalyze Change, Berlin (DE)

      with my work: "The Social Diary of the City"   /

Experimental Fashion & Fiber Art”, CICA Museum, Seoul (KR)

      27 may – 14 june /

"Scythia" The 13th International Biennial of Fiber Art, Ivano-Frankivs'k, (UA)

       2 -16 june rescheduled 6-18 aug due to COVID19) /  rescheduled

“Kunst, Kiezel, Klei”, Kunstroute Bommelerwaard, Zaltbommel (NL)

      30/31 aug 5/6 sept (cancelled, due to COVID-19) /

" Langzaam", Kunstmaand Ameland, Ameland (NL)

      1 - 30 nov.(cancelled, due to COVID-19) /

"Solo-expositie", de Compagnie WiebengaSilo, Noordkade, Veghel (NL)

      19 nov - 10 jan 2021 /

"A Celebration of Art", Brandwolff Projects, Amsterdam (NL)

      26 - 29 nov. /

"Excellence in Fiber VI" the New Bedford Museum of Art, New Bedford, Massachusetts (US)

     1 dec - 14 March 2021 (postponed due to COVID-19)