My passion


Self expression through weaving came about after wrestling with cold hard materials during my education as a goldsmith. Because my heart chose the warmth, softness and comfort of yarns, I retrained quickly in weaving techniques.

Using basic weaving techniques I create a variety of shapes, textures and structures. It is an ever growing process, an investigation, a translation, as if looking through a symbolic lens at the everyday and the things that touch me emotionally.

Working with a variety of materials and colours and with a love for simplicity, shape and activity, I develop both unique wearables and spatial creations often with a combination between form and function.

With my wearables I try to bring a sensual experience by an interaction between person and material and to achieve an almost tangibility to the space in between.

My objects are an interplay between the woven structure and the manipulation of the material which then shows an emotional content and causes a reaction.

Exhibition - Upcoming and last 3 years



"Social Art Award 2019”, publication book – Can Art Catalyze Change, Berlin (DE)

    with my work: "The Social Diary op the City"   /

Experimental Fashion & Fiber Art”, CICA Museum, Seoul (KR)

    27 may – 14 june /

"Scythia" The 13th International Biennial of Fiber Art, Ivano-Frankivs'k, (UA)

      2 -16 june (rescheduled, due to coronavirus) /  rescheduled

“Kunst, Kiezel, Klei”, Kunstroute Bommelerwaard, Zaltbommel (NL)

    30/31 aug 5/6 sept (cancelled, due to coronavirus /

" Langzaam", Kunstmaand Ameland, Ameland (NL)

    1 - 30 nov. /


"The Sustainable City" 8th Biennial of Contemporary World Textile Art, Madrid (ES)

    with my work: "The Social Diary op the City"

    17 sept - 3 nov. / World Textile Art Organization

“Kunst, Kiezel, Klei”, Kunstroute Bommelerwaard, Zaltbommel (NL)

    24/25/31 aug 01 sept /

"BKR” kunstroute Zaltbommel, Zaltbommel (NL)

    22/23 - 29/30 june /

“Structuren”, Galerie Kunst Uitleen Alkmaar, Alkmaar (NL)

    with my series: " RT-l" and "Small-Talks"

    24 march - 20 april /

“International TextileArt Biennial”, Haaght (B)

    with my work:  "Together"

    23 - 31 march /

"Heroines", Stork paviljoen, Hengelo (NL)

    08 march - 13 april /

“CBKamer”, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam (NL)

    with my series: "RT-l" and "Small-Talks"

    11 jan - 28 febr /


“Kunst Kijk”, Goeree-Overflakkee, Middelharnis (NL)

“BKR” kunstroute Zaltbommel, Zaltbommel (NL)

Artspace, Hotel Goderie, Roosendaal (NL)

“Kunst, Kiezel, Klei”, Kunstroute Bommelerwaard, Zaltbommel (NL)



Commissioned by “Richard Tuttle”, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem (NL).

“Kunstschouw”, Schouwen-Duiveland, Haamstede (NL).

“Kom in de kas”, Veiling Zaltbommel, Zaltbommel (NL)

“BKR” kunstroute Zaltbommel, Zaltbommel (NL)

Gallery “ 't Lange Uus”, Zierikzee (NL)

Artspace, Kasteel Sterckshof, Antwerpen (B)

“Kunst, Kiezel, Klei”, Kunstroute Bommelerwaard, Zaltbommel (NL)

Commissioned by “Alexis Gautier” Museum BOZAR, Brussel (B)